Saloon doors

The grand reveal through the saloon doors at Kensington Market's coolest cafe, the Moonbean. I felt like a cowboy filming this

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Two toilet graveyards in one day

It’s been a great weekend for #abandonedthrones.

First were these three loos just around the corner from home, sitting in a heap with toilet-shaped styrofoam from the boxes of their shiny new replacements:

Then I saw another three-toilet graveyard at the side of the road, close to Mt Pleasant & Lawrence. RIP little guys ⚰️🚽

Toilet book collector

Today I met a lady called Kathy who has been collecting books about toilets for years. Her travels have taken her all around the world and she’s seen interesting loos from Greenland through to Burma. She was even so kind as to give me her copy of the Lawrence Wright classic from 1960, “Clean And Decent (The Fascinating History of the Bathroom and the WC)”. Thanks Kathy!

Chamber of Secrets

Opening the Chamber of Secrets at this mystical Harry Potter inspired apothecary in Toronto’s west end, the Lockhart

Hotdogs and strawberries

I had a great recommendation from the kind people of Reddit to visit The Coop Wicked Chicken in Burlington, ON, where I found some delicious hot dogs and strawberries 🌭🍓 🚽

Not to mention a colourful collage of Playboy covers and movie posters on the wall in the next stall

Jave House graffiti

The cozy but divey urinals of Java House in Toronto 🚽

Glow in the dark at VR House

I went to try the virtual gaming rooms at House Of VR and was very happily surprised to see their glow in the dark toilet! Toronto people, ya gotta check this place out.