World Toilet Day 2013

World Toilet Day 2013

Happy World Toilet Day everyone! We take it for granted, but there are billions (yes, billions) out there without access to adequate sanitation facilities. Visit for details on how to help. And keep sharing the brilliant toilet pics on Instagram/Twitter/Facebook for us all to see – toilets are beautiful!

(And for the record, this pic was taken at Mullins Pub in Toronto)

Two headless figures

Two headless figures

Two headless figures. Or pegs. Or dinosaurs. I’m not sure what they are. At Epicure Cafe & Grill.

Warm toilet

Warm toilet

A nice warm radiator by the loo at Kensington Market’s Big Fat Burrito

Les Mis

Les Mis Toilet

The aqua blue loo walls during the Les Misérables intermission at the Princess Of Wales Theatre in Toronto

Casa Loma

Casa Loma Toilet

The loo in the magnificent marble bathroom of Toronto’s very own castle, the Casa Loma

The Grilled Cheese

Grilled Cheese

The dreary basement loo at the best Grilled Cheese joint in Toronto

Very wide cistern

Very wide cistern

I think you need to go on a diet, cistern. At Lion On The Beach in Toronto’s Beach District

The Fun Life Clan

The Fun Life Clan

I like the idea behind this clan. At the Ein-Stein Bierhalle in Toronto

Not quite Ontario

Not quite Ontario

Toilets by the lake at Toronto, NSW (about as close as you’ll get to Canada in Australia)