Ingoramus! Cretin!

Ignoramus! Cretin!

An argument over bad grammar unfolding on the toilet walls of Lee Garden Restaurant

Canoe museum

Canoe Museum Toilet

The sign for the mens room at the Canadian Canoe Museum in Peterborough

Mangoes & no mangoes


No Mangoes

Some North Queensland toilet humour in the tropical mango-growing town of Cardwell, at the Seaview Cafe

Go Upstair

Toilet Go Upstair

A misspelt sign at a sushi restaurant in Chatswood

Garbage left here is feeding mice, ants and cockroaches

Garbage Left Here Is Feeding The Cockroaches

“Garbage left here is feeding mice, ants and cockroaches.”

“What’s the problem? Adds flavour to the curry.”

– At an upstairs shared restaurant bathroom in Cremorne

Singapore Jungle 1

Singapore Jungle 1

The entrance to one of the many restrooms at Singapore Zoo

Surfers Paradise

Surfers Paradise

Surfers Paradise on the mens room door at the Gold Coast’s very own Bazaar Interactive Marketplace