Two headless figures

Two headless figures

Two headless figures. Or pegs. Or dinosaurs. I’m not sure what they are. At Epicure Cafe & Grill.

A man and his tie

The Early Bird Toilet, London Ontario

A man and his tie on the bathroom wall at the Early Bird diner in London, Ontario

The Fun Life Clan

The Fun Life Clan

I like the idea behind this clan. At the Ein-Stein Bierhalle in Toronto


Wikileaks toilet

Free Bradley Manning: some Wikileaks-inspired political graffiti in this cubicle at Melbourne’s Flinders St Station

Chinese dumplings

Chinese dumplings in Melbourne toilet

The gritty toilet at the Shanghai Village Dumpling House in Melbourne’s Chinatown district


Political Toilet

A political statement on the walls of the toilet at Northbridge Plaza in North Sydney

Don’t Aim Here

Don't Aim Here

A return visit to The Sweatshop: my favourite little cafe in Townsville with quite possibly the coolest toilet walls in the whole of Queensland.

You can see another couple of pics from my first visit to the Sweatshop here.