Bidet toilet seats for sale at Yodobashi Camera department store in Kyoto. The most expensive one was ¥65,200 (roughly AUD $790).


In May 2012 I went on an adventure to Japan, where I spent a week wandering the incredible vending-machine-filled streets of Tokyo, eating the most delicious food, marvelling at the architecture and visiting countless temples. It was truly a mind-blowing country and I look forward to returning one day soon to see more.

Naturally, I also used my holiday as an opportunity to gain some insight into Japanese bathroom culture, and here is what I found: 🙂

It all began on Jetstar

My first ever view of a bidet! It scared me.


Some lovely flowers at Hama-rikyu garden

And some hanging ornaments in the same restroom in Hama-rikyu

Traditional style

The funkiest cafe in the world

Tokyo Tower

Neon window

Foreign style



Accessible urinals at a train station in Nikko

Bamboo view at Hokokuji Temple

Kamakura Beach

Unisex cubicle

Flushing sound

Out of order


Rows of urinals

Up the stairs

No bombs


Full service

Hopefully that’s inspired you to make the trip over if you haven’t been already!

(Oh, and if you want to see some non-toilet-related pics from my holiday, you can check them out at Flickr)