Jerk King

Brogans Barrels

A bunch of barrels in the bathrooms at Brogans in Ennis, Ireland

Out of order at O’Sullivans

Three clean, green urinals and their broken brother at O’Sullivans Bar in Crookhaven. It may not be the most southerly point in Ireland but this bar does lay claim to the most southerly pint ūüćļ

Mirror urinal at the Finkenkrug

It was my final night in Germany after spending the past three days with official Toilography model, Arne. We ended our toilet tour at the Finkenkrug in Duisburg which has 222 beers on their menu and this amazing urinal that is actually a mirror. When you stand on the platform a disco ball turns on & lights up the restroom:

Not only that, but there were separate urinals on the opposite side for bier, schnaps & wein and a basin¬†for the kompost! Germans are so organized ūüôā


Nathanja & Heinrich

Some tags at¬†Nathanja & Heinrich, a cozy bar¬†in Berlin’s Neuk√∂lln district



Nuclear bunker

Here’s an interesting one: a bathroom inside a Berlin nuclear bunker built during the Cold War.

It can hold 3,600 people for around 2 weeks, which is around how long they thought it’d take for radioactive fallout to settle should there have been an attack on the city. There were 4 bathrooms built within the complex, each consisting of 14 urinals & 16 toilets. There were no toilet doors on the stalls – only curtains – to prevent anyone from locking themselves inside and potentially committing suicide. Neither are there any mirrors in the bathrooms – a further safety measure to prevent the use of glass shards as a weapon. If the city water supply or built-in filtration system was to fail, there was enough water storage for 2.5 litres per person per day.

Thankfully, the bunker has never been used for its intended purpose and it’s currently¬†part of the fascinating¬†Story Of Berlin museum tour. Let’s hope it stays that way.


The urinal block at one of the four bathroom facilities in the bunker


Only curtains for privacy in the stalls, for fear of anyone locking themselves behind a door


No mirrors above the basins


The cramped & presumably uncomfortable bunk beds built to hold 3,600 people

Bertha’s old school urinal

An old-school monster of a urinal at Bertha’s in Baltimore’s Fells Point. What a bulky¬†piece of equipment this thing is.



A humorous sign for punters to read while they piss:


Mount Royal Tavern

After concluding my two-day Washington DC toilet tour, I took the Amtrak up to Baltimore, armed with a wealth of restroom suggestions from the guys at /r/baltimore. With only a day to see the sights of the city I think I managed to squeeze in some pretty awesome attractions and toilets, starting with the #1 entry on my list which had the greatest response on Reddit, the Mount Royal Tavern. Apparently its toilets were super divey and it also had a ceiling painted like the Sistine Chapel.

I walked in around 10:30am and asked the bartender if they served any breakfast. A pint of beer and pack of Doritos later, I made friends with a regular (Greg, I think his name was) and told him of my plan to bar-hop Baltimore for the day, with the Mount Royal being first and most anticipated stop. The bartender was happy to hear this and kindly gave me a Mount Royal gift pack of a postcard, cooler & matchbox!

As for the¬†restroom, it was just as I’d imagined:



Bonus pic of the Sistine Chapel artwork painted on the bar ceiling:


What a cool bar. I’m happy to report the rest of Baltimore lived up to high expectations as well.

The Library of Congress

I was lucky enough to get onto the final tour of the day at the Capitol, then I strolled over to the Library of Congress¬†via the tunnel to see if I was able to get in there. Tours had already finished for the day unfortunately but I at least figured the restrooms there would¬†be nice. I wasn’t wrong.




Bonus photo of the ceiling of the main hall:


Divas at Duplex Diner

All the divas at Duplex Diner: Whitney, Madonna, Cher, Barbra, Celine, Kylie, Mariah, Beyoncé