Bleacher Bar

The men’s room at Bleacher Bar has a unique view of Fenway Park through a one-way mirror. It’s the closest I’ll probably ever get to the Red Sox.

* Correction – I’ve since learnt it’s not a one-way mirror – it’s simply a window (which makes it even more awesome!) Thanks to kgcohen45 for pointing that out.

Bleacher Bar 1

Bleacher Bar 2

Life Alive

Before I left on my trip to Boston I received a recommendation from a kind Redditor to visit Life Alive, a cafe in the unassuming city of Lowell, MA, famed for its vegan fare, soul-nurturing atmosphere, and a very well-tended zen garden bathroom.

It was definitely worth the hour long journey north of Boston to witness for myself what may well be the most peaceful amenity in the whole of north America, not to mention the delicious Goddess Bowl and Loco Coco smoothie that I dined on.

If this doesn’t put the ‘rest’ into restroom, I don’t know what does.

Life Alive 1

Life Alive 2

A very good point regarding recycled rolls:

Life Alive 3

Life Alive 4

Life Alive 5

Life Alive 6

Life Alive 7

Life Alive 8

I was quite surprised to find this book on the basin next to the loo, serendipitously open on the page of my birthday. August 15: Sometimes Ignorance Is Bliss.

Life Alive 9

Life Alive 10

Life Alive 11

Seriously, what an amazing bathroom. Kudos to all at Life Alive for creating such a pleasant atmosphere. If you’re ever in Massachusetts you should drop by – there are currently locations in Lowell, Cambridge and Salem (the Lowell branch is the one with the garden bathroom).

Here are a few final snaps of the gorgeous cafe itself:

Life Alive 12

Life Alive 13

Life Alive 14

The view from N Seoul Tower

N Seoul Tower

A pretty decent view from the urinals at N Seoul Tower

A scenic spot by Sydney harbour

A happy row of portaloos with a fantastic view of the water, underneath the northern end of the Harbour Bridge

Harbour Bridge views

Beautiful views of the Harbour Bridge from the public restrooms alongside Lavender Bay wharf

Darling Harbour views

Beautiful views of Darling Harbour from the Barangaroo development site


A tropical feel outside the window of the public toilets at Civic Park, North Sydney