Hotdogs and strawberries

I had a great recommendation from the kind people of Reddit to visit The Coop Wicked Chicken in Burlington, ON, where I found some delicious hot dogs and strawberries 🌭🍓 🚽

Not to mention a colourful collage of Playboy covers and movie posters on the wall in the next stall

Ruby Tuesday

A weekend in NYC begins with a greasy brunch at Ruby Tuesday

Golden toilet at Bord’Elle

It took me 5 years of searching to find my first Golden Toilet, here at the very funky Bord’Elle in Montreal. I would recommend any king or queen to shit on this throne.

Toilet gardens at the Papermoon Diner

One of the top suggestions for restrooms to visit in Baltimore was the Papermoon Diner in Remington. I really didn’t know what to expect here and was quite humoured to see such a colourful & unique building upon my approach:


Imagine my delight when I came across these numerous toilet gardens littered around the outer grounds of the diner:







A few bonus pics of the wacky interior:



Seriously, the Papermoon is one of the most interesting and unique venues I’ve eaten at across all of North America. I’m so happy it came up as a suggestion on Reddit cause I never would have known to come here otherwise.

What a terrible mess I’ve made of my life

What a terrible mess I’ve made of my life

The Smiths quote takes pride of place above the toilet at Sticky Rice in Baltimore



Floral wallpaper at the Cakeroom

A quick stop for dessert at the Cakeroom saw the end of my Washington DC toilet tour, where I found this bright floral wallpaper adorning their washroom wall.


DC certainly proved itself as a city full of interesting restrooms. Thanks so much to everyone at /r/WashingtonDC for the great suggestions, I had a blast.

Next stop: Baltimore!

The Pig

The Pig at DC’s Logan Circle is a celebration of all things pork – not only on the menu but in their delightful pig-themed restroom as well