Exposed plumbing at Indigo Age

Indigo Age

Some exposed plumbing inside the restroom at Indigo Age, a vegan cafe & kombucha bar in downtown Vancouver

Café Chat L’Heureux

Café Chat L'Heureux

The male & female washrooms at Café Chat L’Heureux in Montreal. We even saw a cat who’d figured out how to open the toilet door with his paws and sneak inside!

Cafe Myriade

Cafe Myriade

The rather elegant washroom at what I think is the best coffee shop in Montreal, Cafe Myriade

Funky wall art at Cafe Jeanne D’arc

Funky artwork on the washroom walls of Cafe Jeanne D’Arc, designed by Montreal artist Étienne Chartrand.

Cafe Jeanne D'arc 1

Cafe Jeanne D'arc 2

An elegant pattern at Le Neuf Cafe

Le Neuf Cafe.

A new French patisserie has opened in Toronto’s Kensington Market: Le Neuf Cafe. A very elegant pattern on their mens room wall.

An Australian toilet in Montreal

Melbourne Cafe toilet

I felt right at home in this Australian-themed washroom at Melbourne Cafe, on Saint-Laurent in downtown Montreal. Gotta love a bit of Daryl Somers, John Farnham, Agro, Dame Edna Everage & Chopper all looking back at you.

No cats in the bathroom

No cats in the bathroom

A very important rule at Cafe des Chats in Montreal: no cats in the bathroom.

Sonic Espresso Bar

Sonic Espresso Bar

Quite a lot happening inside the squeezy washroom at Sonic Espresso Bar

The size of your forearm

Seen on the wall at the Moonbeam Cafe:

“Your heart is a muscle the size of your fist”

“My penis is the size of your forearm”

“So you’re a big prick!”

The size of your forearm 1

The size of your forearm 2

Maps and tennis racquets

A map of the Woman and Narrow Lakes Gold Area (District of Kenora, Ontario) at Aunties and Uncles, the 4th best cafe for brunch in Toronto according to blogTO!

Aunties And Uncles 1


There was also a basket of tennis racquets underneath the basin:

Aunties And Uncles 2