Vikings only

Vikings only at Thor Espresso Bar


Artsy at Alteregos

An artsy loo at Alteregos Cafe & Catering in downtown Halifax



Well they do say coffee eliminates odours. Taken at TOT Cat Cafe



I’m disappointed ūüėĒ I Deal Coffee had one of the most impressively graffitied washrooms in all of Toronto (refer to my visit in October 2014) but they’ve since painted over it. It has next to no character any more, aside from this social commentary & a couple of hilarious wiseguys who opted not to use the newly-provided chalkboard. I hereby decree all remaining Kensington Market landlords & business owners to take up the #NOBLANDTOILETS movement!!


Recycle toilet at Cafe de Melbourne

Seeing more & more of these ‚ôĽÔłŹ toilets pop up around the place, wash your hands with the water that goes into the cistern. This one was at Cafe de Melbourne¬†on Church St, Toronto


Dark at the Light Cafe

Dark at the Light Cafe


Red & grey dots

Thousands of tiny red dots…

Grey dots

…and thousands of tiny grey dots…

Red dots

…at Kitsun√© du Lowney

Double toilet at Resonance Cafe

I was on my way home and decided to stop for a quick cup of tea at a random eatery on Parc & Fairmount which turned out to be Resonance Cafe. Little did I know until I walked inside that it was actually an underground jazz venue with an 11-piece band playing that night. Not only that, but get a load of their amazing double toilet.

Resonance Cafe

Anticafe disco toilet

Just across from Place des Festivals in downtown Montreal is a charming little venue called Anticafe, an open-concept cafe full of eccentric decor and pieces of art. I was so happy to find a disco toilet here.

Anticafe 1

Anticafe 2

Orange Moonbean walls

Orange Moonbean walls

Hanging out at my second favourite venue in Kensington Market. I miss these hilarious orange walls!