Peeping Tom

At least the Peeping Tom at the Drake Cafe is looking slightly away

SUWU flowers

It’s cramped at SUWU but at least there’s some nice fruits & flowers to look at

The Thinker

The Thinker sits contemplating life above my friend Claire’s WC in Cork, Ireland

Graffiti and lips at BDSM

The famous Rolling Stones lips urinals at BDSM in Cork, Ireland

And here’s the stall adjacent to the urinals. I love the Eagles lyrics someone wrote here: “We may lose or we may win, but we will never be here again“. And someone isn’t a fan of the #: “Go fuck yourselves and yer # tags

Mojitos nipple

Some soft German porn on the mens room wall at Mojitos Fine Cocktail Bar in Dusseldorf

Soylent Bar

Shrivelling plants by a bloodied wall in the restroom of this east Berlin drinking house, Soylent


Schwarzes Café

Colourful fabric in the washroom walls of Schwarzes Café, a 24 hour diner on Berlin’s west side