Train toilet is happy to see you

Doesn’t this guy just look so happy & welcoming? On the Via Rail train from Montreal to Toronto


Don’t aim too high

Don’t aim too high, at Cafe Cranberries


Underground Santiago baños

Here’s an underground baños in downtown Santiago, it cost 450 pesos to get in (about 90 cents) and it turned out to be the cleanest & best maintained underground facility I’ve seen! While I was down there I saw a super awkward Larry David moment where a guy in a wheelchair was impatiently waiting for an able-bodied man to finish in the handicapped washroom.

Underground Santiago baños

Toilets closed. Vandalism.


Toilets closed. Vandalism.

At Angrignon Park, Montreal.

Downtown Eastside flea market

This is one of the most interesting markets I’ve ever come across.

The majority of the stallholders here at the Downtown Eastside Flea Market are part of the homeless community and make ends meet by buying & selling various wares along East Hastings St.

Here, a seller uses a portaloo to display his goods in lieu of a table:

Vancouver Street Market 1

And here is a public washroom at the southside of the market facing East Hastings St:

Vancouver Street Market 2

Vancouver Street Market 3

Parc Jean-Drapeau

Parc Jean-Drapeau

A row of men’s conveniences in the forest at Parc Jean-Drapeau

On the train

On the train

A very clean toilet on the VIA Rail train from Montreal to Toronto