Monumento Al WC

Valparaiso is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, but did you know it also has its very own World Heritage toilet monument?

Monumento Al WC

Don’t clog the pipes

A friendly insight to the plumbing at Hotel Boutique Cirilo Armstrong in Valparaíso, Chile.

Quite the contrast from what I was advised at Quito airport a few days beforehand.

Don't Clog The Pipes

“Throw toilet paper in the toilet”

Good advice

Some good advice at the airport baños upon my departure from Quito

A man with a hat

A man with a hat

A man with a tilted hat at the washrooms by the Mont-Royal lookout



A Ceramic Bowl in this Cozy Bathroom at Copper Branch

Femme réfléchie

Thoughtful woman

A femme réfléchie (thoughtful woman) adorns the entrance to the ladies room at the Witsend, a charming pub in Hemmingford, Quebec

Enjoying the food?

Enjoying the food?

I love this classic that was sent to me by my friend Brad, which he saw at Korean Grill House in Toronto!

Toilets closed. Vandalism.


Toilets closed. Vandalism.

At Angrignon Park, Montreal.

Protest toilet

Protest toilet

I’ve been seeing references to toilets in the most random of places recently!

Today I walked by a protest in Montreal and this guy was using a toilet seat & a roll of toilet paper to get his point across. From my terribly basic French understanding, I’m pretty sure it’s got to do with a Quebec parliamentary bill (Act 20) that’s looking to make it more difficult for couples to access treatment for infertility. I believe his sign translates to “IVF flushed. Hopes & dreams are broken”.

The Lord’s Prayer at Bon’s

A cheap but filling brunch at the graffiti-laden Bon’s Off Broadway in Vancouver.

The Lord’s Prayer was written on the washroom walls; many sins have been flushed down these toilets.

Bon's Off Broadway 1

Bon's Off Broadway 2

Bon's Off Broadway 3

Bon's Off Broadway 4