Vikings only

Vikings only at Thor Espresso Bar


A big deal

Bet these urinals at the Downsview Flea Market have seen some big deals


A bold warning at the Charlottetown Farmers Market. It does make you want to flush just to see what happens though, doesn’t it?


Street sign at Upstreet

Street signs on the washroom doors at Upstreet Craft Brewing in Charlottetown


Outside is not a toilet

A stern warning at the Local Public Eatery in Toronto


Well, maybe except if you’re a dog

Gender equality

Tonight’s outing was to Thirsty & Miserable, because let’s face it, they have the coolest washroom in Toronto. The gal I went with mentioned you only really ever see penises graffitied on toilet walls and hardly any vaginas – even in the ladies room. As it turned out: we found one of each 😊🚻


London Underground signs

Perhaps you could spend a penny in this rather British lavatory with London Underground signs on the doors, at the Firkin on Bloor




Concordia Fine Arts

A quick visit to the VAV Gallery at the Concordia Fine Arts building returned these wise washroom scrawls:

Concordia Fine Arts 1

I just wanna say, u can totes be a lesbian if you want. That’s all it takes

Concordia Fine Arts 2

Having fun on your cell phone while you poop? Get back to class

Concordia Fine Arts 3

The Grandmother Hen

Walking into the washroom at La Grand-Mère Poule (The Grandmother Hen) is like walking into a poultry farm – have a listen to what was playing on the speakers in the background. Cute chickens on the ladies & men’s room doors as well 🐤🐔

Bateau de Nuit

Had a grand time at Bateau de Nuit chatting to some awesome people – and then I discovered this beautiful washroom with a Mitch Hedberg quote about bananas on the ceiling. Thanks for a fun day, Quebec City!

Bateau de nuit 1

Bateau de nuit 2