Most men / all women

An awesome restroom door sign I saw at Hooters in Singapore a few years ago


Frog parking only at Duke’s Refresher

Frog parking only at Duke’s Refresher & Bar

I just can’t… and other Page One words of wisdom

The toilet at Page One Cafe has a very important plea. He just can’t handle it right now

Here’s some other wise words from the walls of Page One:

Honest Ed’s

Toronto folk will understand: Honest Ed’s closes today for good after 68 years 😞 They’re famous for their hand-painted signs & slogans so I got this one for my toilet so I could keep a part of Toronto history with me forever


Wonderland Ballroom

I think the Wonderland Ballroom in Columbia Heights was the 7th bar that I’d visited on this Friday night so I was starting to get a little tipsy. I’d heard of this venue through a popular online column called Dear John where an reviewer would rank different bars around town based on the quality of their restrooms. This bar had a particularly dirty mirror (-4 points) and an interesting public service announcement (+6 points) that I was quite curious to see.

There was again a lengthy lineup to use one of the three stalls. While I was waiting I had a deep chat to the girl in front of me about how gross it must be to clean these restrooms.




Yeah, the mirror was certainly dirty

And here’s the public service announcement I came to see, ha ha ha!



Lyman’s Tavern is a fun place. On the Friday night I was there I entered a long, thin room packed to the brim with a couple of hundred thirsty locals, many of whom were playing pinball & arcade games at the opposite end of the bar.

The fun stops in the bathroom though:


Spy toilet signs

Some spy-themed WC signs at the International Spy Museum