Nathanja & Heinrich

Some tags at Nathanja & Heinrich, a cozy bar in Berlin’s Neukölln district



Schwarzes Café

Colourful fabric in the washroom walls of Schwarzes Café, a 24 hour diner on Berlin’s west side



Merry Christmas 2016

Merry Christmas everyone!


(and cheers to Sneaky Dee’s for the rad toilet)

Ottobar graffiti

On the way back to the train station I managed to duck into Ottobar for a quick peek at their impressive floor-to-ceiling graffitied restrooms. Now this is a cool room to relieve yourself in.





Thanks Baltimore for the stupendous shitters – I really wish I had more time to spend here, one day wasn’t enough. I might be back one day…

Vulgar toilet at the Cat’s Eye

I was a few beers in by now and decided to pace myself by ordering a Sprite at the Cat’s Eye, to which the barmaid scoffed and refused to accept payment presumably out of sympathy.

The self-named Shit House Wall Of the Cat’s Eye Pub was brilliantly vulgar – one of the best I’d come across in ages – featuring poetry and other such words of wisdom including:

You Cunt

You Prick

Pig Fucker

While Your Reading This Your Probably Pissing On Your Shoes
(yes, somebody had corrected the your’s)

Eat Shit. 50 Trillion Flies Can’t Be Wrong

Snow On The Mountain, Smokes In The Grass
Old Man Died With A Cob In His Ass
Cob Fell Out And Wind Blew In
Old Man Came To Life Again

Shit Fuck Ass Turd

Tittys Tittys Tittys

There Was A Young Queen From Bulgaria
Whose Pussy Got Hairier And Hairier
Till The King From Peru
Stopped By For A Screw
Had To Hunt For Her Cunt With A Terrier







 Now go rinse your eyes out with soap

What a terrible mess I’ve made of my life

What a terrible mess I’ve made of my life

The Smiths quote takes pride of place above the toilet at Sticky Rice in Baltimore



Mount Royal Tavern

After concluding my two-day Washington DC toilet tour, I took the Amtrak up to Baltimore, armed with a wealth of restroom suggestions from the guys at /r/baltimore. With only a day to see the sights of the city I think I managed to squeeze in some pretty awesome attractions and toilets, starting with the #1 entry on my list which had the greatest response on Reddit, the Mount Royal Tavern. Apparently its toilets were super divey and it also had a ceiling painted like the Sistine Chapel.

I walked in around 10:30am and asked the bartender if they served any breakfast. A pint of beer and pack of Doritos later, I made friends with a regular (Greg, I think his name was) and told him of my plan to bar-hop Baltimore for the day, with the Mount Royal being first and most anticipated stop. The bartender was happy to hear this and kindly gave me a Mount Royal gift pack of a postcard, cooler & matchbox!

As for the restroom, it was just as I’d imagined:



Bonus pic of the Sistine Chapel artwork painted on the bar ceiling:


What a cool bar. I’m happy to report the rest of Baltimore lived up to high expectations as well.