Sparkly seat

A sparkly loo seat at Berlin’s Sheriff Teddy Bar


Das Klo

We went to this crazy bar in west Berlin called Das Klo (“The Toilet”)!

All your toilet dreams come true here. You get pissed on by a hose as you walk in, you sit on toilet seats, you wipe your hands on toilet paper, you get insulted over the microphone by the owner & they give out discount brochures to the local bordello 😂




The actual mens room inside Das Klo:


The front door! When you walk inside there is a hose that detects the door has opened and it pisses on you:


Schwarzes Café

Colourful fabric in the washroom walls of Schwarzes Café, a 24 hour diner on Berlin’s west side



Nuclear bunker

Here’s an interesting one: a bathroom inside a Berlin nuclear bunker built during the Cold War.

It can hold 3,600 people for around 2 weeks, which is around how long they thought it’d take for radioactive fallout to settle should there have been an attack on the city. There were 4 bathrooms built within the complex, each consisting of 14 urinals & 16 toilets. There were no toilet doors on the stalls – only curtains – to prevent anyone from locking themselves inside and potentially committing suicide. Neither are there any mirrors in the bathrooms – a further safety measure to prevent the use of glass shards as a weapon. If the city water supply or built-in filtration system was to fail, there was enough water storage for 2.5 litres per person per day.

Thankfully, the bunker has never been used for its intended purpose and it’s currently part of the fascinating Story Of Berlin museum tour. Let’s hope it stays that way.


The urinal block at one of the four bathroom facilities in the bunker


Only curtains for privacy in the stalls, for fear of anyone locking themselves behind a door


No mirrors above the basins


The cramped & presumably uncomfortable bunk beds built to hold 3,600 people

High toilet

I went to the Story Of Berlin museum which offers a fascinating insight into the city over centuries gone by. Half way through I stopped by this restroom which had the highest toilet I think I’ve ever seen. Any normal-sized guy would be left with their feet dangling in the air while sitting on this one.


Kangaroo in Germany

The first public restroom I used in Germany at the Berlin Bikini shopping mall had a picture of a kangaroo riding a Segway. I’m in Germany, not Australia!