Toilet book collector

Today I met a lady called Kathy who has been collecting books about toilets for years. Her travels have taken her all around the world and she’s seen interesting loos from Greenland through to Burma. She was even so kind as to give me her copy of the Lawrence Wright classic from 1960, “Clean And Decent (The Fascinating History of the Bathroom and the WC)”. Thanks Kathy!


Das Klo

We went to this crazy bar in west Berlin called Das Klo (“The Toilet”)!

All your toilet dreams come true here. You get pissed on by a hose as you walk in, you sit on toilet seats, you wipe your hands on toilet paper, you get insulted over the microphone by the owner & they give out discount brochures to the local bordello 😂




The actual mens room inside Das Klo:


The front door! When you walk inside there is a hose that detects the door has opened and it pisses on you:


Dive right in

Dive right in at Gloria Espresso Bar



Creepy doll head

A pretty creepy pissoir with a doll head watching over your business at Toronto’s Swan Dive





Poop Cafe is open!

The Poop Cafe is finally open! We drank out of urinals, ate out of toilets and laughed at the cute poop-themed cartoons on the walls!

It was a lot of fun visiting – if you’re in Toronto you should go 😎🚽





The staredown

Getting stared down by the ladies above the famous urinals at Your Father’s Moustache


I came here when I was in Halifax a year & a half ago but there were far too many people walking in & out of the washroom and I couldn’t get the pic I wanted without stopping people from going about their business. Finally this time it was a little quieter, yeah!

The Grandmother Hen

Walking into the washroom at La Grand-Mère Poule (The Grandmother Hen) is like walking into a poultry farm – have a listen to what was playing on the speakers in the background. Cute chickens on the ladies & men’s room doors as well 🐤🐔