Mirror urinal at the Finkenkrug

It was my final night in Germany after spending the past three days with official Toilography model, Arne. We ended our toilet tour at the Finkenkrug in Duisburg which has 222 beers on their menu and this amazing urinal that is actually a mirror. When you stand on the platform a disco ball turns on & lights up the restroom:

Not only that, but there were separate urinals on the opposite side for bier, schnaps & wein and a basin for the kompost! Germans are so organized 🙂


Anticafe disco toilet

Just across from Place des Festivals in downtown Montreal is a charming little venue called Anticafe, an open-concept cafe full of eccentric decor and pieces of art. I was so happy to find a disco toilet here.

Anticafe 1

Anticafe 2

Disco toilet

Spanning a number of blocks along Saint Catherine East in Montreal is The Village, famed for its LGBT-friendly strip of bars, nightclubs and restaurants.

I visited the rather elegant Restaurant Mozza Pâtes & Passions along said strip and was very impressed to discover this disco toilet, complete with a playlist featuring 80’s gold such as Cyndi Lauper, Abba and Sylvester.

This is toilet art at its finest!

Restaurant Mozza 1

Restaurant Mozza 2

Restaurant Mozza 3

Restaurant Mozza 4

Restaurant Mozza 5


And in case you feel like dancing along to some Abba, here’s a short video I took inside this very welcoming washroom:


Big thanks to the community at Reddit for suggesting this as one of Montreal’s most impressive washrooms.