VIDEO: The abandoned Qianyue building

The video of my adventure to the Qianyue building in Taiwan last year has just been published!

For more details and photos about this incredible site see my previous blog post here:

Abandoned building at Parque Metropolitano

I stumbled across this super sketchy abandoned building at the back of Parque Metropolitano Guangüiltagua in Quito; of course the first thing that came to mind was ‘I wonder if there’s a toilet here?’ Well folks, I’m elated to report there was!

Parque Metropolitano 1

Parque Metropolitano 2

Parque Metropolitano 3

Parque Metropolitano 4

Parque Metropolitano 5

World Toilet Day 2015

Nubian Toilet

You may know that today is World Toilet Day, a day to raise awareness for those who don’t have access to satisfactory sanitation!

Back in 2009, well before Instagram or Toilography was ever a thing, I spent 2 (amazing) weeks travelling through Egypt. I took a pic of this restroom which was the lone toilet shared among a Nubian village, on the western bank of the Nile just outside Aswan. Thankfully they were equipped with the porcelain fitting and running water but there are millions of people out there whose conditions are even worse.

If you’re interested, visit the folks at @un_water or for initiatives and ideas on what can be done to help raise awareness. Happy WTD, everyone!!

The Lord’s Prayer at Bon’s

A cheap but filling brunch at the graffiti-laden Bon’s Off Broadway in Vancouver.

The Lord’s Prayer was written on the washroom walls; many sins have been flushed down these toilets.

Bon's Off Broadway 1

Bon's Off Broadway 2

Bon's Off Broadway 3

Bon's Off Broadway 4

Toilet with an office

Victory Square

Victory Square in Vancouver wins two prizes: 1. for being the sketchiest underground restroom in probably all of Canada, and 2. for being the only toilet block I’ve ever seen with an office

Laurier Park

The conveniences at Laurier Park are in need of a little maintenance…

Laurier Park 1


Laurier Park 2

Reggies rooftop

Reggies rooftop

My weekend in Chicago begins at the rooftop of Reggies Live Music Bar in the city’s south