Bateau de Nuit

Had a grand time at Bateau de Nuit chatting to some awesome people – and then I discovered this beautiful washroom with a Mitch Hedberg quote about bananas on the ceiling. Thanks for a fun day, Quebec City!

Bateau de nuit 1

Bateau de nuit 2

Quebec drag bar

I stopped at Le Drague Cabaret Club in Quebec City for a beer. Within 2 minutes a very aroused older guy told me he wanted to ride me like a kangaroo and said he has a gift waiting for me in the washroom downstairs. A little later he took the map out of my hand & gave me directions to his place, then he went back to his friends to talk about how beautiful I was. As a straight (but totally accepting of orientation) kinda guy, this was a pretty anxiety-inducing toilet pic, I nearly wasn’t gonna go!

Le Drague Cabaret


Marbled loo at Le ChĂąteau Frontenac

I took a visit to the most photographed attraction in Quebec, the iconic Fairmont Le Chùteau Frontenac. The marbled washroom inside the foyer was a sight to behold.

Le ChĂąteau Frontenac

Vodka toilet

Vodka toilet at Bistro L’Atelier in Quebec City


Jesus’ urinal

I found Jesus’ urinal at Cosmos Grande AllĂ©e

Cosmos Grande-Allée 1

Jesus had a pretty awesome basin as well

Cosmos Grande-Allée 2