Country style

Country Style Toilet

A country style toilet at Glenbrook National Park, in Sydney’s Blue Mountains

Cootamundra train station

Behold the rustic colours & designs of the Cootamundra train station, in country NSW

Don Bradman

This is the bathroom in “Bradman’s Birthplace” – the actual Cootamundra house where the late, great cricketer Sir Don Bradman was born. Probably not the exact same loo he would have used, but still very historic nonetheless.

Holbrook alleyway

This is what they keep down the rear alleyways of Holbrook in rural NSW

A man on a thunderbox

A man sitting on a thunderbox at the back of the Woolpack Inn Museum at Holbrook, NSW

Country life

Country life depicted in the form of a colourful mural, in the beautiful Victorian town of Rutherglen

Imperial Hotel, Condobolin

A bright orange flush rope and a rather starved looking spider at the Imperial Hotel in Condobolin, NSW

Dame Edna

This is Dame Edna. Sitting on a loo. Made out of a Holden ute. In the middle of the outback.

Somebody pinch me…?!

It was one of my favourites artworks at the very impressive Utes In The Paddock exhibition, just outside Condobolin in country NSW 🙂

Vine on brick wall

A vine growing up a brick wall in Manildra


A poem that somebody has eloquently scribed onto the wall of this public toilet block in Manildra, central NSW