Pie shop outhouse

Pie Shop Outhouse

The outhouse at the famous Fredo pie shop in Frederickton, just north of Kempsey. They stock around 50 different varieties and are famed for their crocodile pie – check it out if you ever pass through!

Fredo Pies

Burning Mountain

Burning Mountain Toilet

The loo at the beginning of the walking track to the Burning Mountain, in the Upper Hunter region of NSW.

Colts & Fillies

Colts & Fillies Toilet

Colts & Fillies: the entrance to the public toilets at the tourist information centre for Scone, the Horse Capital of NSW

Country toilet at the end of a long gravel road

Country toilet at the end of a dirt road

A composting country toilet at the end of the gravel road leading to the Glow Worm Tunnel, just north of Lithgow

The autumnal hues of Lithgow

Autumnal hues of Lithgow

Autumnal hues along the tiled wall at the Lithgow Valley Retail Complex

Not quite Ontario

Not quite Ontario

Toilets by the lake at Toronto, NSW (about as close as you’ll get to Canada in Australia)

Not to be used for its intended purpose

Not to be used for its intended purpose

Go figure.