Heritage Tea Rooms

Went for a cuppa today at the Harveys Range Heritage Tea Rooms, famous for being the oldest building in North Queensland

Bertha’s old school urinal

An old-school monster of a urinal at Bertha’s in Baltimore’s Fells Point. What a bulky piece of equipment this thing is.



A humorous sign for punters to read while they piss:


Smithsonian toilets

There were a couple of interesting & educational toilet-related exhibits waiting for me at the Smithsonian National Museum of American History

An historic house from the 1760’s that stood in Ipswich, Massachusetts, was taken apart in 1963 and reassembled in the museum, thanks to a group of concerned residents who didn’t want to see such a beautiful old structure go to waste. A three-part shed was added onto the house in the 1800’s, including this outhouse which remained in use until 1946:


Elsewhere in the museum I spied some more American toilet history in the form of this elaborate ceramic bowl circa 1900:


Historic toilets at the historic Wyatt House

There were two very special toilets at Wyatt Historic House, in the small city of Summerside, Prince Edward Island.

Firstly: this chamber pot, hidden inside the steps to the bed in one of the grand old bedrooms. Just put on the cover & push the pot back in when you’re done!


And secondly, how about this glorious old bathroom? This is the original dating back to 1907, in what was one of the most authentic historic houses I think I’ve ever seen


The oldest flush toilet in Toronto

This is the oldest indoor flush toilet in Toronto!

I took a tour of Colborne Lodge in High Park today; my guide told me it was installed by surveyor & engineer John George Howard around 1860 and remains complete with original wallpaper & toilet roll holder. Even more fascinating is the bathroom was built behind a secret door, camouflaged to look like it was part of the wall, because back in those days indoor toilets were thought to be unsanitary. Guests didn’t even know the room existed.



Casa Loma

Casa Loma Toilet

The loo in the magnificent marble bathroom of Toronto’s very own castle, the Casa Loma

Old Melbourne Gaol

Old Melbourne Gaol

The cisterns at the police watch house adjacent to the Old Melbourne Gaol were operated by officers from outside the cell.  If any of the cellmates caused trouble, the toilet would’t be flushed for a few days as a form of punishment.