The Boiler Room

The Boiler Room in Logan Square. I was feeling pretty tipsy by the time I made it to this to bar.

Boiler Room 1

Boiler Room 2

Cole’s Bar

This bar turned out to be my favourite out of all the bars I went to in Chicago: Cole’s Bar in Logan Square. Friendliest ever bartender, cute girls from St Louis, and a wonderfully graffitied restroom.

Cole's Bar 1

Cole's Bar 2

Kuma’s Corner

Kuma's Corner


The dive bars in this city are epic. This was at Kuma’s Corner in Chicago’s Avondale.

The Half Acre

Half Acre

A vibrant little brewery north of the city called the Half Acre, with a great selection of brews and a beautifully tiled washroom

Never a shortage of toilet paper

There’s never a shortage of toilet paper at Bat 17 in Evanston

Toilet paper wall

Toilet paper wall 2

This toilet’s on fire

This toilet's on fire

This toilet’s on fire at the House Of Blues in downtown Chicago.

And it wasn’t just the toilet – the The Chicago Blues All-Stars were on fire as well. What a great bunch of musicians.

House Of Blues

Reggies rooftop

Reggies rooftop

My weekend in Chicago begins at the rooftop of Reggies Live Music Bar in the city’s south