A productive idea at the Meadhall

Now this is a productive idea at the Meadhall that other pubs should take heed of: the men’s room has their beer list written on the wall. Plenty of opportunity to decide upon your next drink as you go about your business.

Meadhall 1

Meadhall 2

Shay’s Pub

There were many words of wisdom on the walls of Shay’s washroom in Cambridge, north of Boston – but be careful – they are a little inappropriate!

My favourite was “Cambridge people are fucking ridiculous. I’m from Lowell. That being said… this place is fucking awesome”

(Oh, and… um… your *whats* hurt??)

Shay's Pub 1

Shay's Pub 2

Shay's Pub 3

Shay's Pub 4

Shay's Pub 5

Shay's Pub 6

An interesting configuration at Punjabi Dhaba

Around the corner and up the steps just like a true throne. An interesting configuration to this restroom in an Inman Square Indian restaurant, Punjabi Dhaba.

Punjabi Dhaba 1

Punjabi Dhaba 2

Tasty Burger

After a delicious ‘Big Tasty’ from Tasty Burger in Fenway Park, I ventured into their red-walled restroom to find the following macabre words of wisdom amongst a mountain of graffiti: “I want to be dead with my friends”

Tasty Burger 1

Tasty Burger 2

Tasty Burger 3

Tasty Burger 4

Bleacher Bar

The men’s room at Bleacher Bar has a unique view of Fenway Park through a one-way mirror. It’s the closest I’ll probably ever get to the Red Sox.

* Correction – I’ve since learnt it’s not a one-way mirror – it’s simply a window (which makes it even more awesome!) Thanks to kgcohen45 for pointing that out.

Bleacher Bar 1

Bleacher Bar 2

Silhouette Lounge

No door on this stall at Silhouette Lounge

Silhouette Lounge

Model Cafe

At the Model Cafe in Allston, I learnt quite a lot about the local townsfolk via some interesting (albeit slightly disturbing) messages on the washroom wall.

Model Cafe 1

Model Cafe 2

Model Cafe 3

Model Cafe 4

Model Cafe 5