Toilet graveyard at High Park

Thanks to my friend Sam for the tipoff about these poor #abandonedthrones near High Park! I got up early this morning just to go pay my respects. Apparently every toilet in this apartment building is being replaced. What could be so bad about EVERY DAMN LOO that warrants such a toilet graveyard? ūüė≥



A bathroom worth of dumped toilets

Thanks to a pal on Instagram for tipping me off about this bathroom worth of #abandonedthrones sitting amongst a dumpster, a portaloo & some doors in the Saint-Henri area!

Centre Saint-Paul

Abandoned on St Antoine

Check out the size of this guy dumped along St Antoine in Montreal! I bet he had a good life.

Abandoned on St Antoine

Abandoned on Saint Jacques

HELLO SPRING and hello #abandonedthrones! Spotted at the corner of St Jacques & Guy in Montreal

Abandoned on Saint Jacques

Abandoned in Valparaíso

Came across this poor soul while walking the steep, windy streets of Valparaíso, Chile:

Abandoned in Valparaíso

Abandoned building at Parque Metropolitano

I stumbled across this super sketchy abandoned building at the back of¬†Parque Metropolitano Guang√ľiltagua in Quito; of course the first thing that came to mind was ‘I wonder if there’s a toilet here?’ Well folks, I’m elated to report there was!

Parque Metropolitano 1

Parque Metropolitano 2

Parque Metropolitano 3

Parque Metropolitano 4

Parque Metropolitano 5

Abandoned on Guy St

Abandoned on Guy St

It’s been a while since I’ve seen any #abandonedthrones around town but here’s one I just passed at Guy & St Jacques. They didn’t even pack him away inside the box! Such a disrespectful burial after all he would have been through!

Trans-Island Avenue

Avenue Trans Island

I got a tip from my mate Chris that there was a toilet on the side of the road on Trans Island Avenue in inner-west Montreal. Decided to take a jog through the area today and it didn’t take long at all to find. #abandonedthrones

McGill Ghetto

McGill Ghetto

The closest #abandonedthrones specimen to home I’ve seen in Montreal so far, in a dumpster in the McGill ghetto. I inadvertently made eye contact with the lady walking past and she had such a “WTF ARE YOU DOING YOU TOILET DUMPSTER WEIRDO?” look on her face

Unnamed alleyway: UPDATE #5

Unnamed Alleyway Update 5 - 1

Unnamed Alleyway Update 5 - 2

It’s getting up to 9 months now since I first saw this toilet along an unnamed alley in Kensington Market. He survived the brutal Toronto winter. At one stage he was joined by two other unfortunate loos before becoming one again. Today he lies on his side, broken, abandoned & layered in scum. It doesn’t get much more real than this, folks.

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