Jerk King

A tagged pissoir in the basement washroom of Jerk King in Toronto's Annex

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I just can’t… and other Page One words of wisdom

The toilet at Page One Cafe has a very important plea. He just can’t handle it right now

Here’s some other wise words from the walls of Page One:

Peeping Tom

At least the Peeping Tom at the Drake Cafe is looking slightly away

Zavida tiles

The coffee at Zavida in Toronto is as nice as the pattern on their toilet tiles

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SUWU flowers

It’s cramped at SUWU but at least there’s some nice fruits & flowers to look at

Graffitied stall at Les Foufounes

My 3-day trip to Montreal for work naturally began with a return visit to Les Foufounes. Check out this inspirational stall:

St Paddy’s Day

There was a guy on the toilet at the St Paddy’s Day Parade ☘️🇮🇪