Fast Forward

I love finding a toilet when I least expect it. In this case, while browsing the shelves of Amoroso Music, I stumbled across this CD cover art by a British-born, New York-based composer called Fast Forward:

Fast Forward

Same Same is an experimental release consisting of three tracks, ‘Simultaneous Music,’ ‘The Yin-Yang Merger,’ and ‘Feeding Frenzy,’ recorded live in NYC between 1990-1994. As explained at

Three wonderful ensemble compositions from the uplifting, lighthearted, and generous mind of Forward. Simultaneous Music is for six players who prepare their parts independently, never rehearse together, and are asked not to listen to each other for cues, etc. In this recording, the combination of melodic strings with percussion, voice, electronics, pedal steel, television sound, telephone books, dishes, turntables, stamping, etc., provides some rare moments. The Yin-Yang Merger is intended as “a meeting ground for acoustic and electronic music” and is scored for a battery of percussionists, voice, electronics, and Ben Neill’s “mutatrumpet.” Feeding Frenzy is a project about the “fabrication, composition, and consumption of food” — food and cooking hardware are used as instruments, and the score for the work is a set menu listing each of the courses. A delight for the unhurried.

It’s definitely interesting avant-garde music, to say the least! A great $10 spent for a very unique addition to my music collection.

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